Multimodal transportation

  • Our company offers multimodal transportation which involve several modes of transport at the same time in order to optimise delivery:
    • Air transport
    • Sea transport
    • Railways
    • Road transport
    This is the way to minimise the cost and time of delivery, to improve logistics effectiveness. We offer integrated solutions for your business which ensure full control and transparency of the entire shipping process.
We offer
  • Planning the most appropriate delivery route according to the Customer’s needs and cargo specifics.
  • Assistance in documentation and customs formalities (SMGS, AWB, EX-1, T-1, etc.).
  • All kinds of operations in ports/at railway terminals (supervision of loading, transloading, repacking, consolidation, storage, etc.).
  • All risks cargo insurance coverage at a competitive price.
  • Photo/video reports

We have experience of multimodal transportation of goods from various countries and regions: EU, USA, Argentina, China, Korea, India, UAE, etc.

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