Sea freight

A low-cost way to deliver large volumes of cargo

Our company has extensive experience in organising sea freight and offers clients a high level of service and reliable delivery.
We also offer affordable cargo insurance to ensure cargo is protected during transport.
Sea freight is the process of transporting cargo between different ports around the world using sea transport.
Sea freight is one of the most popular and economical ways of shipping cargo, especially for large volumes and long distances.

Advantages of sea freight

  • Low delivery cost per kilometre
  • Possibility to transport bulky cargoes and large volumes
  • High level of security
  • Wide geography allows to deliver cargoes almost anywhere in the world

Why our clients choose sea freight


Extensive experience
Our company has extensive experience in organising sea freight and offers clients a high level of service and reliable delivery.


Cargo insurance
We offer affordable insurance for cargo to protect it from potential risks during transport.


Optimal price
One of the cheapest ways to ship large volumes of cargo over long distances, although.
What cargo can be transported
In the process of sea freight, cargoes can be transported both in containers of various sizes on container ships, and in the form of dry bulk, bulk, oversized cargoes on specialised vessels.

Ro-Ro vessels designed for transporting cargoes on wheels and tracks (agricultural machinery, construction and road equipment) are also used.
They may take longer compared to other types of transport.

Sea freight and multimodal deliveries

Sea freight is often part of a multimodal delivery method, involving multiple modes of transport to optimise the delivery process. We take into account the world’s geopolitical situation when planning sea freight to provide safe and efficient delivery.
We also have experience in using the river-sea route to deliver cargo more efficiently to remote regions away from major ports.
In general, sea freight is a reliable and efficient way to deliver cargo around the world, and our company is ready to provide clients with high quality services and individual approach to each order.
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